Dr Nancy Venel


Researcher, GREAPE, University of Montreal, Canada

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Dr Venel conducted research at the UNESCO Centre from February 2003 until April 2004.

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Area(s) of Interest

Identity and Minority Ethnic Groups

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Further Information

As a Doctor of political sciences since May 2002, Nancy Venel’s PhD thesis was about the “ordinary” citizenship among French youth of Maghreborigin at the University of Lille in France. She received the jury’s unanimous congratulations and was given the Le Monde de la recherch√© universitaire 2003 award for her thesis.

While employed at GREAPE in University of Montreal, she undertook a study in Northern Ireland during 2002–2003. Her research was about young people from a Chinese and an Indian background in Belfast and their self‑representation of citizenship. Dr Venel was in residence for a three month period from September 2003 to continue her research on ethnic minorities citizenship in Northern Ireland and on how ethnic minorities integrate into Northern Irish society.

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