Accessible web design is essential to allow all users, regardless of personal limitations, to access the content.

Accessibility Statement

As far as possible, we aim that our site is:

  • technically accessible, allowing all users to access all information and functionality
  • equally usable; in that it is not prohibitively difficult or time consuming for users with disabilities to carry out normal tasks
  • accessible by assistive technologies

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Standards Compliance

Here at the UNESCO Centre we strive to uphold web standards and ensure that this site is accessible to all users, regardless of browser, operating system or physical disability.

We aim to comply with all priority 1 and 2 guidelines of W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. All pages are structured using semantic markup and checked for HTML5 and CSS3 validation.

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Accessibility Features Of Our Site

Accessibility features of our site include alt text on all images, application of some standard access keys, see below for details, and of focus to links for keyboard users. All page content is presented in a logical order and keyboard and screen reader users may skip the navigation to go straight to the main content of any page using the ‘skip to content’ access key and/or invisible link provided.

Access Keys

Access keys used throughout this website are intended to help users who have difficulty in using pointing devices such as a mouse or who prefer to use keyboard shortcuts. The following standard access keys have been implemented for this site:

  • S = skip to content
  • 1 = homepage
  • 3 = site map
  • 4 = search
  • 0 = accessibility and access key details

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Optimum Browser Requirements

This site is optimised for the latest web browsers. We recommend keeping your browser updated, not only to ensure a better browsing experience, but also to take advantage of the enhanced security features available with the latest web browsers for a safer browsing experience.

We also recommend that you have JavaScript enabled when viewing the site to enable all features to work fully.

Update Your Browser

Use the following links if you need to update your browser:

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Viewing PDF Content

We have provided many of our documents on this site in PDF format; in order to view these documents you will need a PDF reader.

Update Adobe Reader

Use the following link if you need to download or upgrade Adobe Reader:

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Reporting Problems

If you are experiencing problems accessing the contents of our site, or have any suggestions for improving it, please contact:

Emma Grant Barrett

Grant Barrett

Web Developer


School of Education
University of Ulster
Co Londonderry
BT52 1SA
Northern Ireland


+44 (0)28 7012 4699