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Page last updated: 21st August 2012

Caroline Marks

A Critical Content Analysis of Donor Education Strategies and Programming: How do Donor Concepts of Development and Security Affect Development Assistance for Education?

Dates: September 2010, ongoing
Department: UNESCO Centre, School of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences
Supervisor(s): Professor Alan Smith, Dr Patrick McGregor

This study aims to explore how differences in donor development and security priorities and conceptions are reflected in their education strategies. Furthermore, it will examine how this affects education programming. A literature review to facilitate understanding of the conceptual differences will feed into a content analysis of the education strategies of the key contributors to education financing in developing countries. From there, a small selection of donors will be chosen in order to investigate how strategy differences influence their approach to supporting education in practice. For each, a number of actors at different levels of the education interventions will be identified and interviewed. This will add a critical element to the research, testing the validity of the conclusions drawn from the content analysis and, more generally, the reliability of the strategies as an indicator of donor motivations.

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Caroline Marks


PhD Student