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Page last updated: 17th August 2012

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Education and Internally Displaced Persons

Dates: March 2011 to October 2012
Reaserch Team: Christine Smith Ellison (lead), Professor Alan Smith

Through a series of international case studies, a new book ‘Education and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)’ examines the barriers to education for IDPs and explores how these may be overcome. The book is part of a series discussing Education as a Humanitarian Response and will be published in autumn 2012 by Continuum Books.

Drawing on research from a diverse range of countries, including the USA, Sudan, Colombia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bosnia and Sierra Leone, the contributors consider the relationship between education and internally displaced people. The case studies raise fundamental questions regarding the barriers to education and some unexpected benefits for displaced children. Each case study brings to light a different aspect of displacement including various causes: current legal protection and its implications for government action and practical responses; challenges arising from country contexts related to the scale and duration of displacement; and the role of education in meeting the needs of returnees.

Contributors include: Marina Bowder, Lynn Davies, Beth Ferris, Valery Perry and Kevin Watkins.

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Seminar: Education and Peacebuilding in Conflict Affected Situations

University of Ulster, Magee, 20th June 2012

Summary: A seminar hosted by the UNESCO Centre as part of the INCORE Summer School 2012, with guest speakers Dr Mario Novelli, Senior Lecturer in International Education at the University of Sussex, Dr Tejendra Pherali, Senior Lecturer in Education Studies and Sociology at Liverpool John Moores University, and Professor Alan Smith, UNESCO Chair in Education for Pluralism, Human Rights and Democracy at the University of Ulster.
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Seminar: Education as a Humanitarian Response

University of Ulster, Coleraine, 9th May 2012

Summary: Guest speaker Dr Colin Brock (UNESCO Chair in Education as a Humanitarian Response and Senior Research Fellow in Comparative and International Education at the University of Oxford) discusses educational issues faced by people who have suffered some kind of disaster whether natural or manmade.
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