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Page last updated: 17th August 2012

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Developing and Implementing Child Rights Compliant Policies and Strategies

Dates: January 2012 to June 2012
Commissioned By: NICCY
Funder: NICCY
Reaserch Team: Marina Monteith (lead), Ulf Hansson, John McCord, Una O’Connor Bones
Partnerships: NICCY

This project was commissioned by the office of the NI Commissioner for Children and Young People, to develop a guidance document aimed at civil servants using a rights‑based approach to the development and implementation of strategies, policies and action plans.

The guidance document, while drawing on international guidance on implementing children’s rights, provides a practical tool specific to the particular context of policy making in Northern Ireland. The guidance refers to and references UK and international literature, drawing on good practice from other UK regions, Ireland and internationally on aspects of policy making such as consultation, participation, evidence gathering and child rights budgeting.

The project was largely desk‑based and a project advisory group was set up drawing on local expertise on children’s rights. In addition key stakeholders (Children’s Champions) from a range of government departments were consulted through a roundtable event in March to see how best to embed the guidance in existing practice and policy training.

The Draft Guidelines were completed at the end of March 2012.

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Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Belfast, 27th November 2012

Summary: CYP team members Marina Monteith, Una O’Connor Bones and Dr John McCord attended a special briefing with junior ministers, special advisors and departmental officials to discuss the development of the Child Rights Indicators Framework.

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