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Page last updated: 17th August 2012

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Developing Child Rights Indicators

Dates: February 2012 to December 2012
Commissioned By: OFMDFM
Funder: OFMDFM
Reaserch Team: Marina Monteith (lead), John McCord, Una O’Connor Bones, Ulf Hansson
Partnerships: OFMDFM

This project will develop a set of child rights indicators related to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), by further developing existing work in this area and drawing upon international standards and good practice including general comments and concluding observations of the UNCRC.

Gauging the extent to which government is fulfilling its obligations under the UNCRC is obviously essential in determining real improvements in children’s lives. Child rights indicators enable governments to demonstrate their fulfilment of their obligations on the UNCRC by showing progressive achievement of children’s rights and where improvements can, or have been, made.

The aims of this project are to:

  • Develop a framework for a set of child rights indicators building on initial early developmental work in this area (Boyce, Hayden, Monteith)
  • Map existing data including any indicators on child well‑being, poverty, education and those developed through the Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership to a framework based on the Convention
  • Map other administrative data to the framework
  • Map data from other sources including existing surveys and qualitative data including children’s perspectives and experiences
  • Identify additional data needs to meet the requirements of a child’s rights indicator set
  • Analyse gaps in data identifying where additional secondary analysis will be required to meet needs of child rights indicators
  • Specify data tables which can be provided by government statisticians on existing administrative data sets
  • Specify secondary data analysis of existing surveys or qualitative data which could be undertaken to meet child rights indicator needs
  • Along with OFMDFM decide a number of secondary data analyses which can be undertaken by the research team within the timeframe of the project to meet the data needs of Child Rights Indicators

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Related Events

Seminar: Knowledge Exchange Seminar Series: ‘Child Rights Indicators and Reporting on United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child’

Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Belfast, 21st February 2013

Summary: Marina Monteith (UNESCO Centre, University of Ulster) and Dr Una O’Connor Bones (UNESCO Centre, University of Ulster) present. This seminar will cover research undertaken by the Children and Youth Programme; producing a set of child rights indicators to assist reporting in relation to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and which further develops the existing Children and Young People’s Strategy outcome indicators within a rights framework. This project also maps existing data used by Departments and the extensive datasets available in Northern Ireland with regard to children’s circumstances and lives. The project makes recommendations on how existing data can be used by Departments to ensure a child rights focus in the monitoring of policy and its implementation where it affects children.
A video of the seminar presentation and associated policy briefing are available on the Knowledge Exchange Seminar Series webpage.


Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Belfast, 27th November 2012

Summary: CYP team members Marina Monteith, Una O’Connor Bones and Dr John McCord attended a special briefing with junior ministers, special advisors and departmental officials to discuss the development of the Child Rights Indicators Framework.

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