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The UNESCO Courier exists to pursue and promote UNESCO’s ideals, maintain a platform for the dialogue between cultures and provide a forum for international debate.

Published quarterly and available online since March 2008, it serves readers across the globe.

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The Latest Edition: ‘Humanism: a new idea’

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“Climate change, ethical issues raised by the boom in biomedical and digital technologies, and the ongoing economic and political crises are all threats hanging over the future of mankind. If it is to rise to these global challenges, 21st century humanism will have to be based on principles of interculturality, say the specialists. Mireille Delmas-Marty, Mahmoud Hussein and Sanjay Seth are just a few of the specialists who provide an informed insight into various aspects of the humanist project which, for the first time, has acquired a universal dimension. Alongside the main feature, Antonio Sk├írmeta shares his ideas on the future of the book. Our guest, Forest Whitaker, talks about his commitment to the cause of child soldiers.”

Reproduced from the UNESCO Courier

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